Meadows Valley Mentors

MeadowCreek Golf Resort sponsors an innovative program for young people in grades 7 through 12. Since 2012 local New Meadows students have received golf instruction and played a few rounds at wonderful MeadowCreek Golf Resort, and are coached in the sport of tennis and pickleball. But, there’s an added bonus. The students are paired with a mentor —not a golf or tennis mentor — but someone who has had a successful career in his or her working life. The goal is to provide these students with inspiration and information on what they might aspire to when they “grow up”. The MeadowCreek Mentor program is ongoing, open to students from all areas, grades 7 through 12.

MeadowCreek mentors have been successful in many of the most fascinating careers in our economy. MeadowCreek mentors come from a number of A-class occupations. They include accountants, finance, advertising executive, Air Force general, aircraft engineer, commercial airline pilot, corporate pilot, airport manager, athletic coach, audiologist, banking executive, building industry, food distribution CEO, custom bodywork provider, dental hygiene, education superintendent, farm machinery distributor, FBI agent, forest management, heavy equipment operation, mechanics, hospital administrator, hotel management, industrial painting, insurance, international and domestic marketing executives. jewelry designer, Marine colonel, military careers, nursing, nutritionist, pediatric surgeon, physiologist, printing industry executive, sporting goods manager, state senator, real estate industry, research scientist, tech industry, technology engineer, transportation executives, university administrator and professor.

Do you see a career path your young person has expressed interest in? There is a wide variety to choose from.

If a local young person wants to learn what a certain type of career entails, what the day-to-day is like, what the rewards are and so on, there is no better starting point than right here at MeadowCreek.

What is the price of this? There is no cost to the participants. The golf, tennis and mentoring are all provided by MeadowCreek gratis. MeadowCreek asks that a parent, or other responsible adult joins the youngster (certain conditions apply).

Anyone with a young person who would like to participate in this program should contact our General Manager & Head Golf Professional, at the ProShop phone 208-347-2555. The young person will be asked to communicate vocational areas they are interested in. MeadowCreek will try to match them with one of their mentors.

Get your young people excited about careers. The golf and tennis are free; the mentoring is priceless.