Pool Rules

  • This is Public Access Pool with NO LIFEGUARD on duty. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • Children must be accompanied by an Adult at all times
  • Children NOT potty-trained must wear appropriate swim diapers
  • NO running or rough housing at anytime around the pool
  • Anyone having or reasonably suspected to have considerable exposed or recognizable contagious or communicable diseases, cough, cold, open sores, blisters, bandaged wound, fever, inflammation of eyes, nasal, or ear discharges shall not be allowed to enter the pool.
  • Spitting, urinating, blowing of the nose, spouting water or deposit of foreign matter in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • NO food or drink or use of tobacco while in the pool
  • All animals are prohibited within the pool fence and facilities except for service animals.
  • Use of pool during an electrical storm is prohibited and all persons shall exit immediately.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK even during after hours.
  • Glassware of any sorts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  • The pool is under 24 hour video surveillance and anyone caught violating these rules will be banned from the use of all MeadowCreek Facilities